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ALA Annual Conference 2012

by LCS on 06/29/12

We have now returned from Anaheim and the 2012 ALA Annual Conference.  It was a great experience-- wonderful weather, great food, beautiful scenery, and the chance to meet so many of our colleagues.  We also enjoyed the chance to be reunited with old friends.  The library community is a small world; if we didn't already know someone before they arrived at our booth, we often had mutual friends with them.  

We had a diverse group of librarians visit our booth, representing such places as Belize, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Haiti, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, and all regions of the contiguous United States. What a pleasure it was to meet so many fellow librarians.

Our tote bags, water bottles, and pens were all very popular.  In fact, all of our 200 LCS bags had been given away by noon of the first day of the conference.  By the morning of the last day, we had also given away all 200 of our water bottles and all 300 of our pens.  We were most pleased that most of our company booklets had been taken as well.  

Many people asked if our tote bags were baby interesting idea, for sure, but no, they are bags, although they could certainly work as bibs.  The only bibs we usually deal in are bib records.  

We hope that all of you who attended the conference enjoyed it as much as we did, and that you learned a lot of valuable information from the sessions you attended.  Perhaps the biggest trend/need in cataloging that we discovered is the difficulty librarians in foreign countries have understanding and implementing the new RDA standards, which are not translated into their native language.  We hope that this problem gets solved by the library community, and we hope to be a part of that solution.  We are all part of a global team, working together to enhance the education of our users, and never has that truth been more evident than at the annual conference.  We hope to see you next year.

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