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by LCS on 01/30/12

Have you ever visited a Web site and spent much more time than you intended just trying to navigate and to find what you wanted?  Did you leave feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, lost, and disappointed?  Granted, nice graphics (colors, fonts, illustrations, etc.) appeal to the eye, but the sheen soon wears off once you have spent, say, ten, fifteen, or more minutes just trying to find one simple thing; suddenly, the pretty design is not important.

When we created our Web site, we were determined that our visitors would have a positive experience.  We wanted our site to have "curb appeal," but we also wanted to be sure that visitors would easily find what they are looking for.  We wanted our site to be clean and organized, much like the work we do for libraries, and much like libraries themselves.  Because the very nature of our work is organization, it makes sense that our Web site should be organized.  We hope that you will agree that our site is the reflection of a contract cataloging agency that is dedicated to the tenets of its field.

We welcome any suggestions or comments about our site through our Contact Us page.  We hope your visits here are good ones.

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