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School Library Month

by LCS on 04/01/12

April is School Library Month.  We all need to show our appreciation and support for our school libraries and school librarians.  Parents of children in school should take time to get to know their child's school librarian, just as they take time to get to know their child's teachers.  This is because school librarians are important teachers; they help our children to understand and appreciate one of our most valuable resources-- our libraries.  Knowing how to use libraries and appreciating their importance is just as critical as comprehending mathematics, science, language arts, and all other school subjects.  In fact, it is our libraries which lead to further knowledge of all other subjects.  Our children will be using them to complete whatever level of formal education they eventually pursue,  and they will use them for a lifetime of informal education and entertainment.  Let's appreciate our school librarians for being the primary ones to share this gift with our children and remember that they did the same for us when we were children.  If you have a career in librarianship, you are doubly indebted to our school libraries and school librarians.  Let's make it a great month for them.

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