Do I have to ship my library materials to you? May I send surrogates instead?
Photocopies, scans, or other surrogates may be sent. For surrogates, copies of the front and back of title pages with collation (number of pages or volumes, size, etc.) noted should be supplied. For nonbook materials, copies of the items' containers, labels, inserts, or any available accompanying material may be furnished. More detailed instructions for preparing surrogates will be provided on request. Electronic resources are cataloged on the basis of supplied URLs or PDF files.

May my vendor send materials directly to you for contract cataloging? If so, can physical processing also be provided?
Materials can be shipped straight from the vendor to our offices. We can provide the cataloging and physical processing services you need and get the materials returned quickly to you. This can save much time compared to receiving the materials from the vendor and then sending them to us for processing.

Do you catalog electronic resources?
Yes, we do. Electronic resources are cataloged on the basis of supplied URLs or PDF files.

Will my library's holdings be added to OCLC WorldCat as part of your service?
As long as your institution is a member of OCLC, your holdings can be added.

May I ship all of my materials to be cataloged at one time?
You certainly may, although you may also choose to arrange an ongoing shipping schedule to meet your needs. Your materials will be housed in one of our fully secured facilities.

Who pays for the shipping of materials to and from LCS?
If you are shipping from your institution, you are responsible for shipping charges to and from LCS. If you are having items shipped from a vendor, you will be responsible for shipping from LCS to your institution. You may be responsible for shipping from the vendor as well, depending upon your agreement with them.

Do you provide onsite contract cataloging?
Onsite contract cataloging can be arranged, depending on your location and project details. Please contact LCS for details concerning price.
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